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female dachshund names

Female Dachshund names should be elegant and fun, as one of the first things that you will notice about your dog is that she loves to play. Therefore, when naming your girl you should consider choosing a name that will reflect the personality and typical characteristics of this breed. So take some time to review our list of girl Dachshund names below to see if you find a name and how well it blends with your pooch.

Dachshunds are very loving and have a flexibility that easily blends with any type of lifestyle. The group is highly affectionate and loves being around children. Despite their small size, the breed is strong, powerful and fast. Dachshunds have a sweet appearance, but they can hunt with bravery, tenacity and even ferocity when necessary. In addition these dogs are natural comedians, and they will do almost anything for a laugh.

Our Female Dachshund Name Lists

Amber: This is a lovely female Dachshund name for a beautiful and radiant dog. Always glowing with pride this girl is a funny dog all around. A cool name for your female comedian.

Brownie: Give this name to your pooch to reflect her adorable brown coat. This girl will win your heart over as she is always looking cute and will listen to your every word. When you are having a bad day, Brownie will come prancing over to see you, and all your gloom will just seem to disappear.

Cloe: Choose this name for the dog with the cute face that will try to get her way and test your patience. This puppy will want to play with you all the time if you let her. When you can't she will try to trick you into playing with her.

Elsie: Give this name to the girl that is a true crowd pleaser everywhere she goes. So loveable and cute, Elsie likes attention and there is no need to tell her “No” if she is bothering you to play. A cool name for the adorable dog that will snap at you when she doesn't get her way.

Hazel: Simply stunning, this identifier should be given to the very sweet girl. This pooch will quickly warm you with her charisma, and she enjoys games that mimic hunting or tracking situations. A cute female Chihuahua name for the girl that can't hide the hunter within.

Helga: Give this name to the pooch that will be your biggest fan and always be at your side. Helga's greatest desire is to be a great companion to you and your family. This makes the name suitable for a dog that is eager to please.

Kandi: Very crazy at times, this girl loves to make you laugh. Kandi is always up for fun. However, once she detects a scent while you're playing together, her every instinct will tell her to run after it.

Mara: This name means brown in Italian and is perfect for a female from this breed. Mara is a comical clown that loves to play games and has a great sense of humor.

Precious: Her reddish-brown color says is best, this girl is special. This girl pooch is loved by the entire family and is very attached to them. Precious firmly believes that sleeping under the bedcovers is her given right.

Rambler: This is another great female Dachshund name for your reddish-brown girl. This beautiful pup won't back down from anything except maybe her little sister.

Sparkles: Kind-hearted and full of life, this girl is in a class by herself. Sparkles is a passionate dog that is a go-getter and very emotional about her family. This girl is known to chase birds and other small animals from her yard with fun.

Tawny: Tawny is the girl that is very nice when she wants to be. This girl has flair and is very charming. When you talk about attention hound, it is fair to say you have met this girl.

Tweed: Give this female Dachshund name to the pooch that is a permanent lap warmer! This girl has an incredible sense of loyalty, and she won't ever leave you be.

Wiggles: Give this girl Dachshund name to the girl that is the most energetic and mischievous, pooch that you have met. Although she is a charmer, this girl is very intelligent, and she possesses a hunting instinct that drives her to be independent at times.

     Amelda      Etta      Opal
     Allie      Flo      Pickles
     Bella Rose      Freda      Rhea
     Bessie      Gigi      Riley
     Dee Dee      Grace      Schnitzel
     Dimples      Gretchen      Skye
     Dumpling      Jingles      Sonnet
     Dolly      Josie      Stubbs
     Delta      Lady      Susie
     Dixie      Lulu      Sissy
     Dottie      Mae      Toots
     Ditzy      Mini      Whisper
     Elvira      Ollie      Zsa Zsa

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