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Beautiful Names For Brown Dogs

Looking for some cute female brown dog names for your chocolate or brown colored pooch? We have put together a list below with some wonderful names just for brown dogs to help you get started. Maybe you'll find that the perfect name is already on the list, or perhaps you'll find a name that is an inspiration for your new dog name. Whichever it might be, these names will work for any and all brown colored dogs, especially the ones that are adorable, sweet and playful.

Brown dogs may come in solid dark brown, chocolate color or various shades of brown-tinted colors. Some dogs that normally come in this shade include the Chihuahua and the Poodle. Some owners when looking for some cool names for their brown dogs they often go with popular foods and colors. Therefore, you will notice that there are several dogs with names of food as their names. For instance, cinnamon bun is a bread which when baked may turn to brown and black, so, Cinnamon would make a really good name for a dog with a brownish black coat like the German Shepherd.

Our Name Lists And Suggestions...

Bambi: This is a wonderful female brown dog name for a little cute dog like a brown Chihuahua. Bambi is the shortening for Bambina, the famous Disney cartoon deer. This pup is dignified and has her own sense of loyalty.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Fawn, Precious

Brandie: This smart and sophisticated name is suitable for a brown dog that has a lot of flavor, like the liquor (Brandy). She has her own sense of rhythm, style and mix; this dog will just love to sing.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Whisky, Kahlua, Bourbon, Moonshine

Butterscotch: This makes a great female brown dog name for a beautiful dog with a golden or tawny brown coat. This girl is elegant, has a lot of flavor and comes in various sizes and shapes. With her, you don’t need any other topping as she is naturally sweet.

Cocopuff: A good name for a small dog with a chocolate brown coat. This dog can get a little crazy at times but is normally sweet and loving. She likes other dogs and is the happiest dog alive.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Coco, Puff, Mite

Doe: This makes a great name for a female that you will be using for breeding purposes. She is loving, gentle and sweet. It will also make a great name for a large brown dog that carries herself well.

Honey: A fantastic name for a dog that you hold close to your heart. She is a total sweetheart; kind and loveable. This is one dog that will forever be in your heart.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Sugar, Molasses, Sweetie

Almond Caramel Coral
Amber Caramello Cupcake
Autumn Chardonnay Daisy
Bagel Chocolate Eartha
Biscuit Citrine Ember
Brandie Cocoa Crisp Fawn
Brunette Coco Ginger
Browning Coffee Godiva
Canela Cokie Hazel

More Female Brown Dog Names…

Mustard: Like the mustard seeds, this girl is small and brown. Your little girlie will have a spicy temper… here she goes again! Regardless, she has a nice tone to her bark and is still your little girl.

Nutmeg: Your girl's coat will be grayish brown. She is pleasing, delightful and full of cheer. Your dog will love this cool name.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Paprika, Cayenne, Cinnamon

Patty: This female brown dog name is a rarely used and is suitable for a noble dog that is the perfect lady. This girl's heart is made of gold, and she is always in control. You just got to love this cutie pie.

Peanut: A cute name for a really small dog. This puppy loves to wander around and is always happy. The name could also work for a very large dog if an interesting twist is what you are looking for in your dog's name.

Sandy: Is there a better or more perfect female name for brown dogs to call your sandy-colored pooch? Well, if or when you find it let us know. This little dog likes to test her boundaries and enjoys being outdoors.

Viola: This girl has a more sonorous tone and a coat color like the stringed instrument from the violin family. She is beautiful and will be missing for long periods and then suddenly, Viola! here she is.

Hershey Marrone Praline
Honey Mink Pretzel
Kit Kat Mocha Pudding
Kahlua Moka Sienna
Kona Muffin Snickerdoodle
Magenta Nutella Sugar
Mahogany Nutmeg Sundae
Maple Pebbles Taffy
Marron Penny Tawny

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