Cool Girl Dog Names

For The Pup With A Style All Her Own

If you have a cool little girl dog at home, then you probably need one of our cool girl dog names to match! Our list of names featured on this page were handpicked for all those hip, groovy, trendy and downright cool girl dogs.

cool puppy If you have a dog soooo cool that when she enters the room you feel the temperature dropping, then it is fair to say you have come to the right page for naming ideas. Having a good and cool girl dog name for your new puppy will not only contribute to her grooviness, but it will also add to the joy and love of having a fantastic dog name that you are proud to call.

Our Cool Girl Dog Name Lists…

April: Choose this name for the puppy that loves to show off. April can be a hilarious comedian when she is allowed to play her tricks. This girl is the enthusiastic performer when she puts her mind to it.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: May, June, Flower

Aqua: This selection is a great choice for a water loving dog. This dog knows a little about anything, which is equivalent to knowing nothing at all. A cool name for a fun dog.

Chloe: Give this name to the dog that possesses traits that even other pets find unique. This little lady has a stubborn streak that is likely to drive even the most mild-mannered of owners quite crazy.

Coral: This moniker is perfect for a cute dog that has eyes that are deep and widely set apart. A cool girl dog name for a pup who loves sailing, boating, jet skiing or even a good romp on the beach.

Diamond: This pick is ideal for the dog that is highly valuable or loves to play baseball. Normally steady and calm, she will occasionally move around and creating havoc or chaos in the house. Do her eyes sparkle? Does she light up a room? Then Diamond might make a good name.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Jewel, Gem, Opal, Jade

Didi: This choice is a great one for a small dog. Sometimes chaotic, this little lady is peaceful with a definite aura of self confidence. A terrific name for an independent dog.

Freckles: This cool name is perfect for a spotted dog. This pooch is a hard worker and would be great working in the entertainment field. A circus performer or a dog taking part in a television series would welcome this choice.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Spot, Speckles

     Asia      Cinnamon      Echo
     Aspen      Coco      Eclipse
     Astro Gurl      Cookie      Emerald
     Autumn      Cricket      Espresso
     Betsy      Cuddles      Eureka
     Biscuit      Daiquiri      Genesis
     Bubbles      Dakota      G G
     Burgundy      Darlin      Ginger
     Buttercup      Ebony      Goldilocks

More Cool Girl Puppy Names

Friday: Friday is a great name for the dog that loves this day. Usually level headed and calm, this doggie will always find a way around all the obstacles she is facing. A fitting name for the pooch that will eventually get her own way with just a wag of her tail.

Giselle: Graceful and tall, any pooch bearing this moniker will be the desire of all owners and the envy of all other dogs. The perfect name for the dog that is full of friends and acquaintances. A super model dog would love this choice as she struts down the runway of life.

Goldie: The perfect name for a golden dog. A huge stickler for cleanliness, Golden is very hygienic and loves to play in the water making this a cool Golden Retriever name, or for any dog that’s blond in coloration.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Blondie, Marilyn, Bombshell

Magic: Charming and simply magical, Magic is a cool name for a puppy that loves to create illusions. A perfectionist in every way, especially once she has learned a new trick, this girlie will not stop practicing it until she gets it right. A fine name for the pooch whose love for you is no illusion.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Voodoo, Mystic, Psychic, Illusion

Majestic: Impressive and superior in all that she does, Majestic is a cool girl dog name for the gallant dog that you have at home. This lady is a born leader and is often seen leading the other dogs in the neighborhood.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Grandeur, Beauty

     Hamlet      Lucy      Shasta
     Hanna      Midnight      Shelly
     Jasmine      Matilda      Short Cake
     Java      Mocha      Shu Shu
     Jetta      Sable      Snuggles
     Kafka      Sadie      Whistler
     Kalie      Sally      Wiggles
     Lolita      Sassy      Wigg Wagg
    Lucky      Scarlet      Zelda

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