Yorkie Puppy Names

Cute Boy And Girl Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Names

Wondering what Yorkie puppy names to give to your cute dog with the amazing personality? Have a look through our list below to see if you find one to match the character of your vibrant dog that far exceeds his/her toy size.

Yorkie puppies are a breed that possesses a magnificent blend of high energy, mixed with a cheeky terrier personality. Affectionate and loving, this toy dog can easily switch between the two extreme personalities in the blink of an eye! Yorkie puppies can be very persuasive at times and a bit suspicious of strangers or other dogs. If they feel threatened they will let you know that it’s time to leave with their aggressive barking that becomes unbearable to hear. Although Yorkies are outstanding watch dogs these sweet little bundles of joy will understand your firm but gentle leadership.

Our Male And Female Yorkie Puppy Name Lists

Abigail: This girl is full of energy, and she will not stop for anything. This Yorkie can be described as a little dog with a big personality! A cool name for the dog that is highly energetic.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Abby, Gail

Buttercup: Another great name for the adorable girl that gets the attention of everyone she meets. This girl loves the outdoors, especially the park and will stay with you as long as you treat her well. If not, she’ll stay with you anyway!
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Daisy, Rose, Flower, Tulip

Bo: This boy his so cute and clever, he practically gets away with anything. Trouble is his middle name as he tends to go where he is not needed. Despite his ways, he loves to play with the kids and is very friendly.

yorkie puppy Bruiser: Inquisitive and alert, this boy knows just how to please you. Bruiser is a true entertainer that knows how to keep you satisfied.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Bigfoot, Bouncer, Chewbacca, Terminator

Chino: The charmer of all Yorkies, this boy pooch is so great you sometimes forget how small he is. Always following you around the house, this guy has all the crucial ingredients to make a cool pal.

Gizmo: Gizmo is a charming boy that is very mischievous when he wants to be. Loved by everyone he meets, this boy is suspicious and even snappy towards other dogs and people until he gets to know them.

Kayla: A beautiful female Yorkie that is not afraid to show how goofy she can be, Kayla is a fun pooch to have. Life for her is always happy, and she never forgets how smart she is. A unique Yorkie puppy name for the dog that is more outgoing and accepting of other pets.

     Arnie      Benji      Elmo
     Artimus      Buddy      Fizz
     Anika      Butterball      Frisky
     Angel      Coco      Gumbo
     Bella      Candy      Iggy
     Bentley      Chubbs      Kiwi
     Babbs      Corky      Manny
     Burly      Doc      Mishka

More Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Names

Jewel: A great source of inspiration to others, this girl Yorkie is a true doll that shines through any weather. Her sparkling eyes give you warmth that you need once you see her. This girl is irreplaceable in your life.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Jade, Ruby, Opal

Jubb Jubb: Flexible and smart, this curious Yorkie is capable of doing just about anything despite his small size. This pooch always has a lively and positive outlook on life. A fun dog to have around the house.

Muffin: Boastful and fun this girl is a bit feisty as she knows she has what it takes to win and will push you to the limit. When she is not in the dominance struggle with you, she can be very sweet with a watchful eye.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Crouton, Beans

Paris: Full of grace and loves to travel this girl Yorkie puppy name is for the showy dog that loves attention. Outspoken and strong minded, this pooch will do what she wants, which normally results into mischief.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Hilton, Diva, London

Sid: Give this name to the Yorkie that loves to sit and watch life go by. Over protective and possessive, this dog can easily flip into a tantrum when he doesn't get his way. A cute name for the dog that is never sluggish and dull.

Spunky: This name speaks for its self and is the perfect moniker for the flashy dog. Always carrying himself like royalty, this pooch is proud and believes that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Sparky

Tater: This little princess is of great beauty, is well trained and a unique sense of intelligence that is often believed to be a goddess among her pack. Tater is truly amazing and she knows just what to do to melt your heart.

Vida: Meaning life, this Yorkie puppy name is ideal for the dog that is very down-to-earth and smart. This Yorkie is a peacemaker that wants everyone to get along. A cool pick for the pooch that doesn’t want to ruffle anyone’s feathers.

     Ming      Rosco      Shaggy
     Nugget      Remy      Sugar
     Pinto      Sasha      Teddy
     Pepper      Sassy      Topper
     Penny      Sir Barksalot      Toffee
     Pookie      Speedy      Teacup
     Puff      Scout      Toby
     Radar      Scoobie      Yogi

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