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If you’re searching for unique small dog names, you have come to the right place! On this site, our number one goal is to help all pet owners who are having trouble finding fun, interesting and unique names for their pups to find the best one. Because, sometimes all you really need is a little help or push in the right direction when you are searching for unique names for small dogs.

You should remember that your dog name will play a huge role when he is introduced to people for the first time. So if you think it's fun and cool to name your Chihuahua "Bruiser," it's all up to you. But whatever you decide to name your small friend, make sure it's creative and represents your little boy or girl well. Most importantly make sure you are happy with your choice because you will be calling it for years to come. So if you don't think your dog is a "Petal or "Prissy" or even a "Pippin" keep browsing through the list to find the right one.

Our Name Lists And Suggestions…

Angel: A sweet and unique name for small dogs. Good for a quiet and tranquil dog. This pooch is thoughtful, loving and good at keeping secrets. She is kind, loveable and prefers your company over anything else. She’ll bring your family together.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Blessing, Grace, Love

Bella: She is small and pretty but also very agile and graceful. This girl will be very loyal to you and love being spoiled. She'll love to wear pink when being dressed.

Cookie: A name suitable for either a boy or girl dog, this is a fun and affectionate name for a little buddy, who is always there when you need him. This dog is real sweet and can have any color coat.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Sugar, Sweetie Pie, Bon Bon

Poco: This is the perfect unique small dog name for that little interesting and funny dog. This pups spirit is free, and he is also proud and convinces himself that he is a really big dog.

PomPom: Like the ball of fluffy material, which is waved by cheerleaders and sports fans, this little pooch is soft and fluffy. Her coat is absolutely beautiful and can be any color; she will love to be shook, gently of course.

Fairy: This pup is highly esteemed and will enjoy spending time in nature. She is dainty, is pure-bred and cherished by everyone around her.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Tinker Bell, Cinderella

Alpha Doodle Lizzie
Bubbles Ella Lola
Button Fifi Peanut
Chiquita Fiji PeeWee
Dabble Fudge Pete
Debit Glitter Pippin
Detour Happy Poppi
Disco Kiwi Prada
Ditto Lady Bug Pupster

More Unique Small Dog Names…

Raisin: A unisex little dog name for any pooch from any small dog breed. This dog is tiny with a black or deep brownish coat and is one of nature's sweet candies.

Reesie: A cute name for a little cute dog. The name was inspired by Reese Witherspoon and will fit a dog with a blonde coat like her. It is also suitable for a pup with colors like those found in the Reese's pieces' candy.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Gumdrop, Gumball, Candie

Ritzy: A unique small dog name for any glamorous pup who only want to stay in the finest kennels, or on your silky sheets or couch.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Carlton, Hilton, Riveria, Paris

Ruby: This girl dog knows she is precious and likes to test her boundaries. You've got to admit it; she is cute and fascinating to watch, with her reddish hair moving all over.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Jewel, Jade

Squeaky: This dog will love to be clean. He also loves to make high-pitched sounds whenever someone is coming. He will have as much energy as nature will allow.

Urchin: This pup is a playful or mischievous youngster. You adopted this boy dog from off the streets. He'll be a playful pup that just can’t sit still.

Sassy Tricky Twitch
Shadow Trixie Tootsie
Shorty Truffles Truffle
Slim Tulip Tutu
Suki Tutu Yogi
Sweetie Tweety Yoda
Taffy Twinkie Yo-Yo
Tiki Twinkle Yuppie
Topaz Tiny Weasel

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