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Unique Rotties Deserve The Perfect Name

Trying to find unique Rottweiler names for your new dog or puppy? We are pleased to offer a list with unique Rottie name suggestions to help you choose a great name for your Rottie. Enjoy!

doggie chew Rottweilers have rugged and powerful builds with thick, glossy straight coarse coats. Their coats are flat and black with rustic or tan markings on their cheeks, leg, muzzle, under the tail, chest and above the eyes. The breed has broad, thick heads with rounded skulls. Their eyes are dark and almond-shaped and often have a friendly or stern look.

Most of these dogs are naturally drawn to children and sometime exhibit patience and love to them. However, just like people, each dog has his own personality and patience levels. Therefore, you should never leave a child alone with any Rottweiler not even for a short moment. As most young children do not have the right training or knowledge to understand and know when the dog has reached his tolerance to stop. Furthermore, the dogs do not understand a child's behavior and any little thing that the child does and your dog thinks is threatening can make him a bit aggressive. This goes for every breed of dog and not just this one.

Our Name Lists And Suggestions…

Balboa: The last name of Sylvester Stalone in the Rockie movies, this name is perfect for any outstanding and exceptionally tough dog. This dog will be a bit prickly at times.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Rocky, Stallone, Sly

Bowser: This is a popular name for dogs. It is a unique Rottweiler name and one that will never go out of style. Perfect for a dog like a Rottweiler; he is a good looking dog.

Bronx: A good name for a massive dog with a bulky body and coarse thick coat. This boy is the king of the house and will have a daredevil attitude. He will never seem to grow old.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Brooklyn, Yankee, Steinbrenner, Casey

Cajun: This unique Rottie name is perfect for a dog with a healthy appetite. He will greet you each day as you return home, and will have the power and presence of royalty. This majestic and proud dog is normally a good guard dog and family pet.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Creole, Jazz

Chubbs: Meaning rounded and plump, this unique Rottweiler name is great for either a male or a lady dog from a large, protective breed. If danger arise this dog will place himself in harm’s way to ensure your safety.

Cordelia: Cordelia means 'jewel of the sea' this unique name works best for a dog with a mixture of everything. She is confident, protective and loves to be active. This name is also associated with brilliance and value.

A.J. Bravo Danger
Abo Gato Buddyweiser Digger
Alfie Castanette Dixie
Ansel Cassidy Fear
Apache Chainsaw Fonzie
Argyle Chomper Fandango
Baracuda Coco Bear Florida
Balboa Copper Heathrow
Billy-Bob Cruiser Howdy

More Unique Rottweiler Names…

Czar: Fitting for a Russian owner's Rotti, this makes a memorable and unusual Rottweiler name for your closest pal. No other dog would want to meet him on a dark night, because he is Russian, and he is the Boss.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Prince, King, Monarch

Kenda: A wonderful name for your female Rottweiler dog. The name is English in origin and means “A child of the water." This dog enjoys the water and is all muscles; a canine of any breed, size, color, or personality will love this name.

Nera: Meaning "Nearer" this cute name is great for a girl dog that always wants to be near you. A top dog name for a Rottweiler that is inseparable from your family, even if you just got her.

Tonka: This unique Rottweiler name makes a good choice for a strong and tough dog, this dog is invaluable to you. Nothing scares him, not even a trip to the vet.

Jalapeno: Perfect for a dog with a hot personality. Jalapeno will spice up your life with his hot yet cool personality. He will have a sense of maturity and wisdom about him; a good name for a Japanese owner's dog.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Pepper, Spice

Zeus: Named after the Greek God, who is "Father of the Gods" Zeus will have a quite noble personality. He has the aura of a leader and is powerful, alert and a very good listener. He is an intuitive and smart dog that can be well trained if given the opportunity.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Thor, Jupiter

Honey Manley Sparky
Hippy Orion Spike
Hacksaw Raptor Sprinkles
Lancelot Reese Storm
Legacy Scotty Thunder
MacGregor Scout Thor
Magnum Skippy Triumph
Maggie Snickers Trouble
Mandie Sonny Wellington

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