Unique German Shepherd Names

Unique GSD Names That Match This Breed

Finding unique German Shepherd names that fit like gloves are not easy to come by, considering that this breed of dogs is ranked as one of the most popular worldwide. One of the biggest concerns that many German Shepherd owners struggle with when trying to find a good name for their dog is; should I use a normal name or should I pick one that is more unique? Well, if you are looking for an unusual name for your shepherd this is the right place for you.

gsd pups Alert and strong, the German Shepherd dogs have noble appearances with chiseled head. The breed originated out of Germany, where they were developed by Captain von Stephanitz in the 1890's. The dogs were used for herding sheep due to their high level of obedience and their intelligence. The breed has black noses, medium sized dark almond shaped eyes and ears that are pointed toward the front. German Shepherds have short compact feet that are muscular and their necks are strong and well proportioned to their bodies. Their double coats are medium length which sheds according to the season and lies close to the body. German Shepherds undercoat is normally a silverish gray color which should not be visible.

Our GSD Name Suggestions And Lists…

Anika: This name is fitting for a very beautiful German shepherd.

Asafa: This name is suitable for a very fast pup. He will always 'rise to the occasion."

Axel: Meaning "Father of peace" this dog will always keep out of trouble and fights.

Baron: A good name for a noble dog, he will make a distinguished best friend.

Caspian: From the movie "The Chronicles of Narnia" this name is perfect for a German shepherd with a lion-like appearance or attitude.

Elsa: A sweet name for a noble dog, your German shepherd would adore this pet name.

Aries Devon Garison
Braylee Druid Hackett
Bundy  Dublin Handsome
Carib Echo Heidi
Chaka Eldon Hesse
Cosmo Eros Hummel
Cazzie Esteba Jazz
Dakota Flapper Keefe
Delta Groovy Keegan

More Unique German Shepherd Names

Farrell: Irish in origin, this is a good name for a boy who loves conflict. He is a very fearless warrior.

Gerda: A unique German Shepherd name for a good protector dog. He is in command and control of every situation.

Juniper: This name is suitable for both sexes. And like the evergreen shrub with berries from which gin is made, your pup will stay forever young.

Luger:This name means a famous warrior and is suitable for a dog that is a great guardian and enforcer.

Sassy: A perfect fit for a pup that is lively and independent. She loves to play with the Frisbee.

Schnapps: A good name for a German shepherd with a fiery attitude. He will be chasing all the girls.

Keelan Odin Taz
Ladle Pearl Tallulah
Ladoga Quest Trinidad
Lafayette Raj Von Braun
Lavina Richmond Vulcan
Luigi Romulus Wagner
Maddox Saphire Wanda
Madrid Scruffy Weser
Murphy Sylvain Ziggy

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