Unique Black Dog Names

Perfect For All Black Pups

If you're looking for unique black dog names for your black dog, and you don’t want to settle for everyday names, you have come to the right place. As on this page we have included some interesting, unusual and humorous options for the great black dog in your life.

We have plundered categories like movies, games, music, colors and fashion just to find the coolest and best dog names on the planet to suit your black furry friend. We guarantee that your dog will never be embarrassed by any of the names that we have listed in this category.

Please bear in mind that although a name may sound cool to you, it might be ice cold to your pooch, so please choose carefully. We hope you find a name that you will like or one that will inspire you to create your own unique name.

Our Unique Black Dog Name Lists

Darcy: This pooch is just awesome, lovable, fun, and crazy to be around. This black dog needs the scales to be perfectly balanced. A unique black dog name for a charming and social dog, and one who isn’t afraid of its own shadow.

Darkness: Darkness is the name of the dog to which life is an exciting, all-consuming challenge. A good name for the pup that seems to come alive when the sun goes down.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Twilight, Dusk, Blackie

Ebony: Choose this name for any jet black dog that you have at home. This pooch is an independent soul that is strong, silent and determined. A great name for a stubborn at times black dog that is set in her ways.

Ember: Loving and affectionate, Ember is a dog that needs a lot of rewards and attention to be happy. This pooch can become quite angry if feel threatened and is determined to protect those he considers to be precious. A big black guard dog would welcome this name.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Ashes, Sparky

Midnight: Midnight is the name of the dog that will love you forever. This dog feeds on love and may pout for a while when disciplined, but will forgive you after a few minutes. A great name for a forgiving dog that is light hearted on the inside, but dark on the outside.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Voodoo, Mystic

Mirlo: Mirlo is the name of the black dog with great intuition. Powerfully psychic, this pooch dog is the one that will find its way home should she wander away from home. A unique black dog name for a pup that seems to read minds.

   Black Bart    Black Pearl    Darkstar
   Black Beard    Blake    Eightball  
   Black Beauty    Blackie    Espresso
   Black Diamond    Bronson    Goth
   Blackjack    Bruno    Guinness
   Black Magic    Charcoal    Hickory
   Black Opal    Currant    Inkspot

More Unique Black Puppy Names

Nero: A sight to behold, Nero is a great dog that normally has that feeling of majesty and royal demeanor. Shower him with lots of gifts and praise and he will do anything for you. A cute name for the dog you can't ignore.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Emperor, Caesar

Satin: Friendly and outgoing Satin is a unique black dog name for the dog that can look like a really elegant champion this moment, a clown in the next moment. This pooch loves to roam on her own and is a great companion in the strongest sense of the word.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Silk

Sheba: Sheba is the perfect name for the dog that likes her collar to be rich and elegant and made of natural fibers. Always looking forward to enjoying the finer things in life, this girl will demand special food and attention. A great name for the dog that will not respond well to anything cheap.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Diva, Princess, Queen

Shadow: This identifier is the perfect fit for the dog that is the most special and happy pup on the planet. Always lurking on the edge of darkness, this pooch is always ready to go on some adventure, even if it is by itself.

Shady: Shady is the best name for the dog that is a bit untrustworthy. Extremely protective and possessive, this pup will have a little problem adapting to pets and people, but once he comes around, he is the best pet in the world. However, until then you need to watch out.

     Inky      Mulberry      Raisinette
     Jack Black      Nightwalker      Raven
     Jetta      Panther           Sable
     Licorice      Pepper      Storm
     Merle      Phantom       Tarra
     Moonbeam      Prussia      Vampira
     Moonstruck      Raisin      Velvet

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