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small girl dog names

Looking for small girl dog names online can be exhausting. However, our list of girl names may be exactly what you're looking for, as our compilation has some of the best names for you to choose from. Small girls are very cute and quite adorable. Most of these dogs tend to be feisty at times and are often more aggressive than the larger breeds. Small dogs are also very friendly and there is nothing that these dogs like better than making friends. Most of these dogs tend to behave like young children, and they thrive on love affection and praise. On the other hand, some of these pups will become very destructive and grouchy if left for long, as they love company.

Some Small Girl Dog Name Ideas

Aurora: She is the most beautiful, down-to-earth small dog to have for a friend. Aurora loves to move around a lot, and she has a sense of grace. This gal is an attention-seeker and likes to be petted, and she is very friendly to kids.

Coco: This cute small girl dog name is for the little pup that is as sweet as her name. Coco enjoys her playtime and she loves her stuff toys. A bit unruly at times this dog loves to have her own way.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Java, Latte

Diva: Independent, stubborn, and a bit snobby, you will have to earn this girl's respect from early on. This girl is protective of her owners and her children, and she will only bark for one reason only, and that’s to get her way.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Hilton, Paris

Flo: Carefree and loving, this girl take life as it comes. Flo is easy going and very intelligent with a funny streak. A cute small girl dog name for the pooch that loves to be free.

Grace: Beautiful and warm, this girl is loved by her family. Grace can be easily provoked however she will never use her teeth to attack.

Harmony: Pure, loveable and cute, this girl loves to have her own way. Harmony is a very confident and passionate to all. A harmonic name for one of the smallest breed of dogs.

chi pup Jewel: Very strong and friendly, this small girl is very intelligent, active and alert. This little lady will want to be the center of your world, and she will shower you with loyalty.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Diamond, Gem, Jade, Opal

Kiki: Having an extremely rare personality, this girl is so majestic in her moves. Kiki is very eager to please, and she has a lot of devotion and affection for you.

Muffin: Sweet, cuddly and cute, this girl is very adorable and loves to snuggle up to you. Muffin is a very affectionate, devoted lapdog that thrives on human contact. An awesome name for the girl that loves being part of your family.

Mimi: A fun loving small girl dog who is always happy and very loyal, Mimi is very observant of her surroundings. This girl does not trust easily and she is prone to chase anything that moves. Your active and energetic girl will love this name.

Penny: Very sweet and trusting, this girl loves everyone she meets. This pup is incredibly sensitive and empathic, and she is always aware of your mood. The girl that is your best friend will love this small girl dog name.

Porsche: A very small girl with a sporty lifestyle. This cute girl will want to sleep in your bed, and she is adaptable and can do well in either a mansion or an apartment. A nice name for the dog that likes luxury and fast cars.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Mercedes

Sasha: Beautiful and nice, this girl likes to go for walks, and also likes to sleep on the couch. This fun-loving girl believes that "the more the merrier" and as such she gets along well with other pets.

Shadow: She is the coolest small dog you will ever meet. Shadow loves to be very close to you, and she will get jealous of anyone taking her space. Your fiercely loyal girl will love this small girl puppy name.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Twilight, Dawn

Winkie: Extremely small with a heart of gold, this girl will easily fit into your bag. Winkie can be fierce if a stranger approach, or if she feels threaten. A cute name for the sweet and hardy dog with lots of personality and pluck.

     Abigail      Enya      Polly
     Bitsy      Freckles      Posie
     Berry      FiFi      Raven
     Bambi      Gigi      Sweetpea
     Bonbon      Gidget      Sweetie
     Bumper      Itsy      Star
     Buttons      Ladybug      Snookums
     Crackers      Lollipop      Tiny
     Crouton      Kibbles      Tinker
     Cutie      Madge      Thimble
     Cuddles       Nibbles      Trixie
     Cupcake      Noodles      Tootsie
     Dolly      Odette      Tulip
     Dixie      Peanut      Tweety
     Ebony      Pickles      Twinkle
     Eightball      Pixie      Zsa Zsa

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