Small Boy Dog Names

Small Sounding Names To Match Small Dogs

Small boy dog names can sound small or they can make the dog seem very, very large without first seeing them. They can even make you think of some idea or object which is especially large or small and still fit your small lad very well. No matter his breed, his personality should be taken into account when selecting the term which he will hear thousands of times during his years with you.

There are miniature breeds that fall into this category quite well. Examples include toy poodles or any of the tiny breeds such as Chihuahuas. Little physically, your small pooch may feel that he is really extremely large and be more than willing to protect you from any threat. The problem is that, at times, the threat may be many times larger than he is and can hurt him badly while protecting you from what he perceives is a harmful situation. Be sure to keep a tight leash on your little guy when around much larger dogs to prevent this potentially tragic situation.

A Few Small Boy Dog Name Suggestions

Axel: The strongest part of an automobile is the axel which supports the entire weight of the car or truck. So many little guys think they are capable of bearing the weight of the world on their shoulders so why not reflect this fact in your pal’s moniker?

Boo: Children often call a bruise or and cut a “boo boo”, it only makes sense that if the hurt were very small, it would only be called a “boo”. This is also the sound associated with insubstantial spirits such as ghosts. If your little guy reminds you of this endearing term, pick it for his identifier and he’ll love you for it.

Cupid: On Valentine’s Day, a small male figure is depicted shooting arrows into the hearts of lovers. Your furry little pal has definitely filled your heart with love and this name can reflect how you think of him and his love for you and your entire family.

Dandy: A little male companion canine would enjoy being thought of as just a “fine and dandy” four-legged friend. Choose this title for any breed of small pooch that has filled your home with love.

Eno: This word comes from German and means “strong with a sword”. If you have a little guy that thinks he truly can take on the big boys, this might just be the perfect small boy dog name for him.

Flame: If your pup has a red coat, this moniker can fit perfectly because a small fire is known as a flame. If you wish to reflect his bright personality, the choice can fit just as well even if his coat is another color.

Marley: The Owen Wilson movie, Marley and Me, depicts life with a large, cumbersome pup that grows into a much larger adult. His antics are sure to make movie watchers laugh and you might associate the name with any tan or light brown male canine companion, no matter how small.

Ox: This word is used to indicate a large bovine animal, very unlike your tiny pooch. By using a turn on words, you can use this word which means ‘huge’ to indicate the size of your love for your small lad instead reflecting of his physical size.

Zero: A word refers to the number which comes just before “one” if counting to ten. If your small pal is a big influence on your life and family but you want choose a term which means “small” to reflect his size, this small boy dog name may be perfect for your pal.

Our Names For Small Boy Dogs List

     Ace      Fender      Klinger
     Agar      Frankie      Kringle
     Arden      Garbanzo      Laptop
     Baby      Garland      Lariat
     Bandit      Geo      Lazy Boy
     Barker      Gnat      Leo
     Barkley      Grady      Lenny
     Bits      Hank      Leno
     Bongo      Hans      Max
     Braveheart      Hero      Noland
     Camper      Ibex      Opie
     Chimp      Igor      Peaches
     Congo      Ivan      Pedro
     Cuddles      Jackson      Pooh
     Diablo      Jenkins      Quarrel
     Eager      Jonesy      Squirt
     Fang      Jumper      Teddy Bear

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