Popular Girl Puppy Names

Cute Ideas For The Fairer Gender

Your dogs popularity will take off to the moon when you give her one of the popular girl puppy names from the list of hand selected ideas below.

yorkie dog Yes, it’s obvious that she’s well loved and cared for, and that the room lights up when she enters, so why not give her a popular moniker that will make it even more apparent that she’s not your ordinary dog?

Sure, you could settle for a typical name, but what fun is that? Especially when you know full well that she’ll bark her approval when you run by her several name choices from this interesting list below to see which one she likes the most. So come up with a list of your favorites and see which one she likes best.

Our Popular Girl Puppy Names Lists

Angel: Meaning “messenger” between earth and heaven, and is an excellent name for a dog that has a sweet, angelic way about her.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Spirit, Heaven, Ghost.

Azure: A name after the beautiful blue cobalt color, this might be a suitable name idea for a dog with blue eyes and a silver coat like a Husky.

Bailey: A good name for a playful dog with lots of spunk, and an unquenchable love for belly scratches and ear tickling. Fun can always be found when Bailey is around!

Basil: Who doesn’t love Italian food? If you do, why not name your pup after this spice? This might also be a good name for the pup that has a hearty appetite or loves music by Dean Martin.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Meatball, Spice, Tuscany.

Champagne: A popular girl puppy name for a dog that‘s tan or light in coloration, and/or that has a bubbly personality. This dog is so excited to see you when you come home from work, that it’s like popping a champagne cork.

Delilah: A name that comes from Biblical times, she’s the one who cut off Samsons hair to render him powerless. This might be a good choice for the pup that has long hair (before Delilah) or that has short hair (after Delilah).

Aquarius Cassie Floppy
Abigail Celeste Fonda
Athena Dolly Gabina
Bella Dahlia Goomba
Bonsai Dumpling Groovy
Bellyflop Echo Gwendolyn
Borealis Ellie Hooch
Babykins Foxy Hawk
Casino Fizz Hobnob

More Popular Names For Girl Puppies

Dakota: We can picture this name on a larger breed that loves the great outdoors. Maybe a good hunting dog name?
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Wyoming, Alaska, Denali.

beagle with man Disco: Does your pup love to dance, and isn’t afraid to wear polyester?
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Bee Gee, Paisley.

Fifi: A good choice for a small breed of dog, especially for toy and tea-cup breeds. It sounds so feminine, and is the perfect fit for a small Terrier or Chihuahua, or dare we say, a French Poodle? Wee-Wee!
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Paris, Flower, Eiffel.

Fiona: This popular girl puppy name means “white, fair and beautiful” This is a perfect name for a small, dainty dog that loves to snuggle and give wet kisses.

Gabby: Talk, talk, talk! This dog has something to say about everything and anything. This talking can take the form of barking, yelping, whining, snoring, growling or any other noise that can emanate from a dog.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Gabrielle, Gossip.

Hope: This name is a good choice that reflects that you hope that your pup will live a long and healthy life, providing lots of fellowship and love for your entire family. It can also represent the hope that your pup gave you should you have acquired in during a low put in your own life.

Incense Lickums Oasis
Irish  Lardo Ola
 Itchy Mabel Orion
Ishtar Marinade Opal
Jaffa Maris Racer
Koda Marlin Regina
Katmandu Mariachi Sabrina
Kelly Neutron Topaz
Lacey Noodles Ukita

Other Popular Girl Puppy Names

bulldog puppy

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