Maltese Puppy Names

Cute Boy And Girl Names For Maltese Puppies

Maltese puppy names should reflect the nature and character of this cute and adorable breed of dogs. Very playful, affectionate and sometimes sporting a mischievous persona, these puppies will fill your life with laughter, charm and love. Maltese puppies are charming, gentle and warm natured, which means you will have a good companion dog on your hands to deal with.

Due to their size, this good-natured breed can fit into any family or home whether you are a single person in an apartment or large family with small kids. As an owner of one of these pups you will need to spend lots of time with your new pup as he or she will crave your attention.

Our Male And Female Maltese Puppy Name Lists…

Abigail: Sweet and carefree, this girl is very attractive with her pleasing character. A bit feisty she will let you know what she wants. A good name for the dog with an amazing personality and charming character that will lighten any room.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Abby, Gail

Benji: Choose this name for the dog that is so cute. This boy will act foolishly to get your attention. A great name for the boy that will throw a tantrum at times, but otherwise he is very peaceful, especially around the kids.

Casper: As white as snow, this little boy Maltese will have you following his every footstep. Very friendly and loving, this boy will greet everyone with a charming spirit.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Ghost, Spirit, Magic

Charm: This boy or girl pup is so adorable that you just want to hold it all day. Highly energetic and always looking for fun, this pooch is usually willing to play all types of games with you.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Lucky, Charmer, Fortune

Cookie: A cute name for a sweet girl Maltese. Sweet and adorable, sometimes this girl is very rude and likes to have her own way. When it is her nap time this girl will curl up into a ball which will remind you of a little cookie.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Cupcake, Crouton

Gumball: This boy is always bubbly and has a sweet disposition. Playful and fun Gumball has a knack for finding fascinating things and going on adventures.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Jellybean, Lollipop, Candy

Kobi: Give this unique Maltese puppy name to the very energetic and playful pooch. Always chasing after some form of ball this boy will have you playing for hours. A cool name for the boy that just keeps on going and going and gets better and better with each game that he plays.

     Amore      Candy      Emma
     Angel      Carrie       Fiera
     Apple      Charms      Honey
     Adele      Coco      Kitty
     Babes      Cuddles      Kosmo
     Beau      Darla      Kira
     Beans      Dimples      Mattie
    Caroline      Dora Bell      Malta

More Names For Maltese Puppies

Munchkin: Choose this pick for the Maltese puppy that is so tiny and adorable. Always wearing her heart on her sleeves this girl has an upbeat and loving personality that you can't help but adore.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Pee Wee, Cupie, Lips

Pearl: So cute, this Maltese puppy name is for the white happy-go-lucky girl who is a crowd pleaser. This girl is a true treasure, and she will show why she is so special every time you see her. A cool name for a fun dog.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Gem, Jade, Opal, Diamond

Suga: This sweet girl will have you clinging to her every move. This is the perfect name for your tiny, but sweet and energetic, female Maltese, that just loves to follow you everywhere you go.

Snuggles: Give this identifier to the pooch that is your snuggle buddy. This pup's favorite activity is for you to give him a big hug that would last for hours.

Taz: Extremely unusual with a unique twist. She loves to do things spontaneously, which means you will never know what she will do next. A cute name for your fun friend.

Teacup: Give this Maltese puppy name to the very cute and fragile dog that is very valuable to you. This puppy is smaller in stature and has a heart as large as life. A cute name for your priceless friend.

Timmy: His amazing charm will make you feel like you want to be with him always. Smart, spunky, and even silly sometimes this Maltese will rub his nose on you to get your attention, but once he gets what he wants, he’s off to find the next best thing.

Winky: Sparkles every time you see him, this boy loves to play and have fun. This boy's high energy and positive attitude will brighten even your most dullest mood and show you the better things in life.

     Moe      Peanut      Toodle Ooo
     Muffin      Rosie      Tugs
     Mel      Silk      Tucker
     Nelly      Spicy      Theo
     Peaches      Smiley      Tinker
     Pebbles      Snookie      Violet
     Perry      Sweetie      Wiggles
     Pepper      Taffy      Wilbur

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