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Looking for some cute male brown dog names for your pooch? Below you will find all the right dog names for your brown dog no matter the shade. We would also like to offer you a few tips, ideas and suggestions for naming your dog. We hope it will make your naming process a bit easier and that your dog will get the best name possible.

You should also choose a male brown dog name that will suit your dog even when he is an adult. As certain names will sound great for a puppy or a small breed dog but when your Bulldog or German Shepherd is full grown, names like "Baby" will not sound very cute at all. You should keep in mind that many people like to shorten a name; therefore, you should also be mindful of what the shortened version will sound like. As some male names for brown dogs when shortened will ruin the uniqueness and effect that you were looking to achieve.

Our Name Lists And Suggestions…

Beans: This would make a wonderful name for a small brown puppy. This name means "Life" and is Gaelic in origin. Beans could be the shortening for MacBean, which makes the name also suitable for a big dog. Your energetic and fun loving dog will love this selection.

brown puppy Beaver: Beaver is a good male brown dog name for a hard working dog, or one with a fancied resemblance of the animal. It will be a hard task to keep up with this energetic little guy around the house. Also a good name for the pup that likes to swim and construct large wooden structures.

Bison: The name of the heaviest land animal in North America, the American Buffalo. This name would work wonders for a big breed brown dog. This is also the name of the main villain in the Street Fighter games and cartoon. Your mischievous dog will love the name.

Bister: The name of the dark brown pigment that is extracted from wood, this would make an unusual dog name for your brown pal. The name also has that good and unique sound to it, especially when calling out for your Mr. Bister at the park.

Braun: A wonderful name for a well-developed, strong and muscular dog. This German choice was originally a nickname for brown skin people and will be just perfect for your big strong brown dog.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Manly, Macho, Brawny

Brindle: This dog is especially strong and has a pattern of coat pigmentation in which darker hairs form patterns on his much lighter brown coat. This boy is quite beautiful and rare. He will have dogs lining up to be his friend.

Almond Brownie Chip
Amethyst Bruin Chocolate
Auburn Bruno Cinnamon
Bongo Brutus Coca
Bounty Buster Brown Cocoa Bean
Brandy Cappuccino Coco Pop
Brewster Cadbury Cognac
Brewski Castor Copper
Brodie Charlie Conan

More Male Brown Dog Names…

Chestnut: A great male brown dog name for a dog or puppy with a moderate to deep reddish brown coat. This is a puppy that you adopted in the fall. A good name for your guard dog, he'll stand like a fortress.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Oak, Walnut

big brown dog Espresso: Your warm and cuddly pooch will love a name selection like this. Your beautiful boy is alert, and has a fantastic personality. This boy will not break under pressure.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Coffee, Decaf

Java: The name of a computer programmer's dog, this boy will have a coffee colored coat. He is intelligent, highly technical and will be the only one in his group speaking this language. This sweet name is for a pooch that has something for everyone.

Moose: A good name for a brown dog that will get as big as a horse or for a dog with a personality that big. This dog is a real sweetie but very protective.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Bison, Stampede

Oreo: An excellent name for a dog with the darkest brown coat and a white under belly. Like the cookie, he will be a favorite to many. You’re on the couch he is on the couch all you need now is a glass of milk.

Teddy Bear: This boy is small, soft and cute. Your kids will enjoy his company very much, but keep an eye out for him as he is a bit delicate.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Pooh Bear, Yogi, Booboo, Smoky

Donnelly Molasses Teddy
Donovan Milo Titan
Dunne Mr. Brown Timber
Dr Pepper Mudslide Toast
Fudge Navajo Topaz
Gravy Pepsi Twix
Hershey Pretzel Walnut
Holden Rusty Whisky
Maltese Snickers Woody

Other Male Names For Brown Dogs

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