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Beautiful Names For Black Pups

Searching for the right male black dog names is not entirely easy. Because a puppy's name is really important and should be given the same amount of consideration and deliberation like you would do with any human name, as this is what he will be called for the rest of his life. This is also the name that your family and friends will be hearing and calling him as well, therefore, it is important to get the name right.

When looking for good male names for black dogs to represent the color of your furry pal, nature is one of the best places that you will find these names. Black names that are associated with nature are often very beautiful and poetic enough to give your dog the perfect identity and sense of belonging. Another great source for black dog names is history. By searching through history and culture you will find many unique names that are traditional and black to suit your dog. So that is why we have created this list of names just for your black dog. Enjoy them and we hope that you will find the perfect name for your black friend!

Our Name Lists And Suggestions…

Black & Decker: These two names would make a wonderful choice for any pair of black dogs. Like the appliances that come under the trade mark, these boys are strong, modern and effective. Before long, these names will be the favorite among all the female dogs.

black labrador retriever Black Bart: The name of the most successful pirate of the Golden Age of Piracy, this male black dog name will make a suitable one for a mischievous black dog. This little cute black boy will be rebellious, but he will steal your heart and love.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Pirate, Black Beard, Swashbuckler

Black Knight: The perfect name for a protective dog. This boy is a gentleman-soldier that is loyal, brave and will be your heroic champion. You can always count on him to be there for you.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Knight, Royal Knight

Coal Black: This male black dog name makes an excellent choice for a black dog with a first and last name. This boy is full of passion, energy and is always spoiling for a fight.

Dusk: An unusual name for your cute and unusual dog. He'll have a mild dark coat and love the darker part of twilight.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Moonshine, Twilight, Moonbeam

Eclipse: A unique name for that big dog that loves to block the sun or that out shines his fellow friends. Eclipse is well suited for an all black dog that friends are anticipating to see. This also makes a good name for the dog of a Twilight movie fan.

Ash Dark Master Diesel
Batman Blacksmith Dugan
Bear Bronson Duncan
Black Bart Bruno Eightball  
Black Beard Carbon Espresso
Blake Charcoal Goth
Blackie Currant Grizzly
Blackjack Darkstar Guinness
Black Magic Darth Vader Hickory

More Male Black Dog Names…

Galaxy: A fabulous name for any dog that is light-years ahead of any other dog. This solid-black boy will love toys that glow in the dark.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Orbit, Quasar, Pluto, Star, Equinox

chew Onyx: If you believe your boy is protective, precious and has a lot of self confidence then name him after the black gemstone Onyx. This big boy will help you to release all negative emotions such as sorrow and grief. When you're with him all you’ll feel is protective energies.

Sabbath: If you are a fan of Ozzy Osbourne and his band the “Black Sabbath" then you can call your dog Sabbath in tribute. This is one crazy dog; he is fun, goofy, energetic and knows how to rock. All other dogs will be jealous of him.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Groupie, Rock Star, Ozzie

Shade: The perfect name for your dog if his coat color is mixed with black. He'll love to spend his time in the shade and will be hard to see when it's dark. A good name for a black guard dog.

Shadow: You can't see him in the dark, but he is there. This boy will follow you anywhere and everywhere. An excellent male black dog name for a cool watch dog.

Smoky: This boy dog will have a smoky black color coat and likes to ride 'shotgun' in your cruiser. This name alludes to the beauty of the breed and would make a great name for your furry boy.

Inkspot Ninja Spider
Jack Black      Panther      Spooky
Jaguar Pepper Satan
Jett Pepsi Tadpole
Knight Phantom  Tar
Merlin Puck   Twilight
Midnight Raven Vortex
Mildew Reaper Warlock
Nero Slick Zorro

More Male Names For Black Dogs


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