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Unique Boy And Girl Puppy Names For Labs

Searching for Lab puppy names? Don’t worry, we have it all covered as below you will find some of the best puppy names for Labs to choose from.

Lab puppies are a very loveable breed of pooch that can be very stubborn at times. These pups are very strong and intelligent no matter the color. Labs are also able to learn quickly, which helps to make them perfect for families with small children.

Since Labs are retrievers, your pup will always bring you things he or she finds laying around your house or yard. Your dog will also be quite patient with children. But these pups are not guard dogs, they are wonderful family dogs who will more than likely lick any intruder as opposed to chasing them.

Our Male And Female Lab Puppy Name Lists…

Avalon: Give this moniker to the kind hearted boy that loves to play. This pooch is very attentive, intelligent and is always sporting high spirits. A cool name for the dog that is always happy.

Avery: An amazing and talented girl, this pup is able to do anything she puts her mind to. This pup loves to watch sports, and she loves to care for the whole family. A good name for a family pet.

Blue: Choose this name for the pup that may bark protectively, but will never act aggressively. Blue loves to play outdoors and his favorite game is hide and seek.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Amber, Brownie, Brandy

retriever puppies Buffy: Buffy is a kind, loving, outgoing, eager to please pup that is friendly towards everyone. This girl is not a good guard dog, but a loving friend.

Clancy: Everybody’s friend, this boy is really sweet, thoughtful, and loves to be cuddled. Clancy is often seen around kids, and he is very watchful of them. A good name for the dog that is always bringing gifts to the kids.

Cyrus: Bright and cool with an amazing persona this boy will draw the whole family towards him. This puppy is very talented and moves very energetically. Always in a good mood Cy is as sweet as any Lab and is always sporting a lovely bright colored coat.

Ellie: This Lab puppy name is for the loveable pooch that is a hard worker. A bit ironic at times, this pup is mostly lovable and will show you lots of it. Give her plenty of love and she will respect you and return the same.

     Al      Buck      Elan 
     Andy      Cramer      Gretchen
     Angie      Cricket      Gunner
     Barkley      Cubby      Gus
     Becky      Darby      Hans
     Bossman      Dexter      Honey
     Breeze      Doc      Jasper
     Bubba      Dusty      Jet

More Puppy Names For Labs

Flame: Always on the move, this pup is a go-getter with a fiery character. This girl will not take things for granted and considers herself to be the best. Besides being so peppery she will go the extra mile for you.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Ember, Fire

Jewel: Give this name to the extremely beautiful and sweet yellow Lab puppy with a unique twist of character. Noticeably precious to the family, her noble ways enhance her gem quality features.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Gem, Opal, Jade

Liberty: Likes to be free as a bird, this boy or girl Lab does not like to be indoors. As soon as you open the door in the morning, this pup will rush out to play in the yard. A good name for your independent pup.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Freedom

Marlo: This cute, animated character is always in the midst of things. Marlo is a great name for a beautiful Lab, and she will show plenty of love to those around her. A good name for the girl that loves to play fetch.

Pippin: Full of life and spunk this boy has an abundance of energy. Pippin is the pup that is filled with more than just excitement; this boy is filled with lots of love. A good name for your honest companion.

Rover: This boy does not stay at one place too long. Rover loves traveling and he is always on the move. A good name for a dog with good hunting and retrieving skills.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Fido, Fetch

Sage: Sage is a cute lab puppy name that makes you just wants to cuddle her always. This girl has a better temperament which allows her to have one of the greatest characters you have seen.

Turbo: Always alert and ready to go, this boy is always super charged. Turbo is a hard worker that is very capable of hunting.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Hurricane, Tsunami, Tornado, Speed

     Kelsey      Oakley      Tatiana
     Libby      Peaches     Tawnie
     Magic      Phoenix      Tequila
     Mickie      Rio      Trooper
     Midas      Rufus      Tracker
     Mocha      Simba      Whiskey
     Neptune      Sunny      Wyatt
     Nugget      Tanner      Zeke

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