Husky Dog Names

Unique Names For A Majestic Breed

Husky dog names generally depict the character or trait of each dog and depending on the region where the dog is from, the names may also indicate their location. If you are a proud owner of a new husky pup or dog, below is a list of names with suggestions for you to consider.

siberian husky

Renowned for their different and beautiful color eyes, Alaskan and Siberian huskies are normally as friendly as they are beautiful. These dogs are playful, affectionate and are some of the most courageous and clever dogs you will ever meet. Huskies are sociable with anyone who is kind to them, which is one of the reasons that they are poor guard dogs. However, this helps to make them a good option for families with children. Huskies are also very intelligent and willful, which means they are not always quick to take instructions.

Male And Female Husky Dog Name Lists

Akira: This intelligent Alaskan husky knows her way around the house and neighborhood. Quick to learn and very obedient, Akira is well loved by family members and friends. Your companion dog will love this choice.

Aspen: Intelligent and willful this boy will have a hard time conforming to your orders. This boy is not a “one-person” kind of dog and is nice to anyone that is good to him.

husky dog names Aurora: This little cute and charming Husky loves to show off her beauty. This girl is not overly suspicious of strangers, and she will never be aggressive with other dogs.

Baltazar: One of the most popular names for huskies, this boy will go to the ends of the earth to help you. This boy loves to take long walks as he is highly energetic. A good name for the dog that does well in every activity.

Bandit: A mischievous little boy, this rascal will charm his way into your heart with his cunning ways. Always choosing the wrong time to get into trouble this boy has a bad boy charm that you just seem to like.

Blaze: This is the name for the dog that is normally quick or fast. This dog will have you running after him each day as he likes this when you are hanging out together.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Flame, Ember, Smokey

Ice: Choose this Husky dog name for the pooch with the beautiful white coat. This husky is energetic, but playful and loveable. A cool name for your wonderful friend.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Frosty, Snow, Blizzard

Jett: This name is a cute choice for another fast husky dog. This name is suitable for a black, or predominantly black dog that seems to bring you lots of luck and happiness.

Kremlin: This is also another favorite name for the Siberian Husky dog. Known for his leadership qualities this dog will take charge of the pack, especially during difficult times.

Midnight: This is another cool name for a dark colored husky. This girl is playful, exuberant and fun. Although this girl is not a guard dog you can count on her to let you know when someone is at the door.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Twilight, Dawn, Sky

Nikita: This cute girl husky acts a lot like a child. Always seeking your attention this girl will create some form of mischief just for you to give her your undivided attention.

Storm: This Husky dog name can be used for either a boy or girl dog. This girl has great navigation and driving skills, and she will face any weather to guide you back to safety. A good name for a sled dog.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Thunder, Lightning

Tundra: A very trendy and beautiful husky this name would be great for any sex. Tundra is very strong and she will happily join you in any high-impact activity. A good name for a high-energy dog.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Nomad, Siberia

More Siberian Husky Names

     Alexei      Hercules      Sacha
     Blade      Holt      Saghani
     Blazer      Hunter      Smirnoff
     Blizzard      Juno      Silver
     Boris      Jingo      Smokey
     Bullet      Kai      Stella
     Chase      Kira      Sitka 
     China      King      Raptor
     Dancer      Koda      Rocket
     Delta      Maxx      Sky
     Denali      Monet      Timba
     Dusky      Noble      Truman
     Echo      Nova      Trotsky
     Everest      Paws      Willow
     Fang      Piroshki      Yeti

Additional Husky Dog Names

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