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Finding good female Pug names requires more attention than you would think even though the breed is quite popular. The thing is finding a name may be more challenging since you will want to match your dog's qualities as well as personality to her name. Animated, peppy and spirited, female Pugs tend to have their own unique character. These dogs are very independent and are perfect if you’re looking for love, affection and loyalty. Pugs are also great companions that will never leave your side and are sometimes playful and clownish.

Our Female Pug Name Ideas…

Ashley: This playful Pug loves to spend time with you. Ashley will stay extremely cute most of her life as she is a little clown that is always showing off. A great name for the dog that lives to make you laugh.

Barbie: Always in an excited mood, your Barbie doll will whimper when you leave and go crazy when you get home. A nice name for the dog that will never leave your side.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Doll, Dollie

female pug names Bella: Meaning beautiful, this girl is so bubbly and vivacious that she will sometimes do some very strange and funny looking things to get your attention. Always sturdy and stable, this girl will demand all of your attention.

Cindy: This girl dog has no other purpose than to give love and be loved. This Pug is really cute and innocent, and she will sit and wait patiently for you to come home.

Elvira: Cooler than cool, this girl will take care of the whole family. Elvira is very kind-hearted and will let you play with her as long as you like. A nice female Pug name for your companion.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Flirt, Floozy, Temptress

Gracie: Beautiful, amazing, with a dynamic spirit, this girl is like an energizer bunny that keeps on going and going. After a day of fun, she will just laze at your feet curled up in a Pug bundle.

Miss Piggy: This little lady is no push over. Always looking to have her own way, this sassy little dog has a wonderful temper that will just make you smile.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Oink, Piglet, Pudge

Maddie: This girl is a lively female dog that has a distinctive look and personality. This girl is stronger minded than her human companions and will only do what she wants.

Madge: Give this female Pug name to the natural clown that will keep you entertained. Always on the outlook for fun, this girl is somewhat spoiled but has not turned into a tyrant.

Malibu: There is little negative that you can say about this girl. Malibu does not have any manipulative behavior, and she loves to play and go for walks.

Oprah: Very good listener this name is a perfect female Pug name for the dark Pug that loves to eat. Always stretching out beside the couch, this girl will persuade you to do what she wants.

Pearl: Pearl is the laid back Pug that will follow you and your family throughout your home. This girl has a willingness to please, and she will sound off with her odd bark when visitors arrive, and snort when they leave.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Gem, Jade, Opal, Ruby

Tempest: This is a wonderful girl Pug that puts every last bit of energy into everything she does. Her happy-go-lucky character makes her very loveable even when she creates a mess.

Trixie: So cute with a pleasing personality, this girl is cool to be around. Trixie will sit and listen to any conversation as she loves to be involved in everything you do.

Trudy: Always looking for a new way to get on your bad side this unruly girl Pug is a ruler that has tried on numerous occasions to get on your last nerves. This pooch never listens to a word you say and will do as she pleases.

     Annie      Girlie      Princess
     Abby      Ginger      Queenie
     Angel      Harley      Roxy
     Babbs      Heidi      Rose
     Betty Boop      Lava Lips      Rosie
     Beans      Lily      Sadie
     Bonnie      Lucy      Sashay
     Coco      Lady      Sweetie
     Cutie      Lovey      Shelby
     Chillie      Mandy      Sassy
     Daisy      Missy      Shelly
     Diva      Misty      Sophie
     Duchess     Minnie      Twiggy
     Emma      Mabel      Trouble
     Empress      Mothra      Twilight
     Flora      Penny      Venus

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