Most Favorite Puppy Names

Here’s The Top 10 List

Just what are the most favorite puppy names out there chosen by dog lovers year after year? Believe it or not, there are companies out there that actually keep track of such things and report this information for public viewing year after year.

retriever Our guess as to the reason why they publish such information is because they realize dog owners are a naturally inquisitive bunch, and want to see if the name they’ve chosen for their pup might be on this list too. Plus, we guess that companies that collect such info are probably asked by the naturally inquisitive media as well, and by giving these yearly lists to news organizations, they get free publicity for their company.

One such collecting company are the good folks at the Veterinary Pet Insurance Company. They somewhat recently announced that based on the analysis of over 360,000 pet insurance policies that the top 10 most favorite puppy names are…

      1. Buddy
      2. Max
      3. Sadie
      4. Jack
      5. Daisy
      6. Lucy
      7. Lady
      8. Charlie
      9. Rocky
     10. Duke

Here shown are their listings for the top puppy names from 2008, with the side by side listings for both male and female names. As you may notice, many of the top puppy names remained so for 2009, as did the trend for owners to give their dogs human names.


       Max        Molly
       Buddy        Maggie
       Jake        Daisy
       Rocky        Lucy
       Bailey        Sadie
       Buster        Ginger
       Cody        Chloe
       Charlie        Bailey
       Bear        Sophie
       Jack        Zoe
       Toby        Princess
       Duke        Bella
       Lucky        Angel
       Sam        Lady
       Harley        Sasha
       Shadow        Abby
       Rusty        Roxy
       Murphy        Missy
       Sammy        Brandy
       Zeus        Coco
       Riley        Annie
       Oscar        Katie
       Winston        Samantha
       Casey        Casey
       Tucker        Gracie
       Teddy        Rosie
       Gizmo        Misty
       Samson        Emma
       Oliver        Sandy
       Bandit        Heidi

We don’t see any harm in giving dogs human names, but we would caution owners to make sure that if doing so, that you name your pup after someone you like, and if that persons living, that you check to see if they mind a dog being named after them.

Your pup Sadie might love her new name, but Aunt Sadie might not.


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