Cute Small Dog Names

Smallish Names For Smallish Dogs

Everybody knows that small puppies deserve cute small dog names, since they are some of the cutest and most adorable animals on the planet. Maybe this is due to the fact that these creatures are not only beautiful, but they are also really tender and soft.

cool chihuahua Besides, cute puppies need a lot of love, affection and patience. That is why all new pups deserve cute names in order to enhance their natural cuteness. So, please browse through our list of adorable puppy names and discover the best and cutest name for your pal. You and your dog sure won't regret it.

Our Cute Small Dog Name Lists

Belden: Meaning "pretty valley or small and beautiful place" Belden is a unique name for a cute male dog. This little guy will always be proud that you gave him a cute small dog name few others possess.

Bella: Short for the names Isabella and Annabella, Bella makes a good name for a pretty and elegant little girl. This pooch will have silky smooth hair and is totally beautiful. She is a true "pledge to God." Your little pal will love this.

Bellboy: The name of the errand boy and luggage carrier around hotels, Bellboy is a great name for a dog that thinks he is a working dog. This little cutie pie will follow you on all your errands and would carry your bags if he could.

Birdy: Meaning "bright, famous and little bird" this name selection is a good one for a dog that is really chirpy. This little fellow will have some of the brightest eyes that you have ever seen, so adorable.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Tweedy, Sparrow, Lark

Bishop: Derived from the Greek word meaning "overseer" Bishop is a fabulous name for your little superintendent dog. This name also refers to a piece from the game of chest and is a great pick for a dog that is always stalking his prey diagonally.

Consuela: Meaning "consolation, comfort" this name is a wonderful choice for a dog that you find great comfort in. She is soft, warm and has several mother-like qualities. This little girl will bond well in your family.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Constance, Comfort

     Ambrosia      Babyface      Cabo
     Amelda      Babykins      Caboodle
     Angel      Ben      Caboose
     Attagirl      Bengal      Cabot
     Attila      Bonbon      Cadbury
     Babe      Bond      Cadence
     Babette      Bones      Casey
     Babydoll      Bubbles      Chloe

More Cute Small Puppy Names

Cookie: A variant of the word cook, cookie is a wonderful name for a sweet natured dog. This girl can come in any color, but she is always sweet and flavorful.

pug pup Ella: The name of the jazz singer, Ella Fitzgerald, Ella makes a superb name for a goddess dog. She is a beautiful and fairy little lady that is always busy around the house. This doggie is truly lively and true to all.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Jazz, Jazzy, Rhythm, Cadence

Fane: This English name means Grateful and joyful. Fane makes a cute small dog name for the irresistible little boy dog that is so happy that you adopted him.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Happy, Joy, Giggles

Lilac: Meaning "Bluish Purple" Lilac is a cute name for a dog that is really soothing. This dog will have a graceful body and movements, which make the name a good one for any small girl. Your dog will appreciate this choice.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Jasmine, Petunia, Rose

Okie: This small dog is one that hails from Oklahoma. His bark is so beautiful that even rivers stopped flowing just to listen to his beautiful voice. Any toy breed dog will love this choice.

     Cleo      Heather      Sophie
     Coral      Jewel      Sugar
     Crystal      Kasey      Sweetie Pie
     Daisy      Lilly      Tess
      Demi      Lulu      Twila
     Emmy      Lola      Twilight
     Eva      Meander      Tinkerbelle
     Evelyn      Princess      Vesper
     Evita      Pumpkin      Willow

Other Cute Small Dog Names

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