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When trying to think up creative boy dog names for your new pal, sometimes it’s easy to experience name overload. This happens when a well intentioned owner has too many good ideas for a good name for their new pup.

While perusing sites like ours, you think you’ve got the perfect name, and you’ve even cleared it with your dog who responded with a wag and toothy grin when you called him by your choice the first time. Then, another better sounding name comes along, then another.

Our prescription for this dilemma is not only to offer you lists of hand picked names, but also to offer you our own suggestions with an occasional corny joke thrown in so that you don’t get numb from too many names to choose from. Read on to see what we mean.

Our Creative Boy Dog Name Lists

Asimov: If you love reading science fiction, you’ve no doubt heard of Isaac Asimovs name. A good name too for a highly intelligent dog as it reflects that virtue. If you own a smart dog, then even Einstein might make a good choice.

Beetle Bailey: Named after the popular U.S. Army recruit comic strip character, this boy dog name would be a good choice if you love his character, or if your dog has a funny side to his personality.

Chipper: Does your pup have a chip on his shoulder? If dogs had middle names, would his be Confidence or Aplomb? If he struts around your house with such an attitude then Chipper or Chip might be the name for him.

Daydream: For the dog that loves nappy time. This pup is more interested in daydreaming about chasing the mail man that actually doing so. A creative boy dog name for the pooch with a low key personality.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Dreamer, Sleepy, REM

DiMaggio: If you love the Yankees, or maybe have noticed just how well your dog handles a ball, then the name DiMaggio will surly hit a homerun with all who hear it. Maybe Yankee fans might also want to consider other Yankee players for dog name ideas…like Yogi or Steinbrenner.

Elvis: With this pup there’s always a whole lotta shakin goin on! He also seems to be mysteriously drawn to Las Vegas and sequenced jumpsuits.

Ariel Darth Vader Kosmos
Ace Dogmatic Lamas
Beefeater Frank Liberty
Boone Fudge Lips
Blackjack Gremlin Miracle
Cadence Hemingway Mania
Cheyenne Houdini Mumbles
Cupid Jitterbug Mikado
Dangler Keeper Mystic

More Creative Male Dog Names

Flirt: A confident strut, a flirtatious glance, is there any wonder why all the girl dogs on the block swoon when he’s around?
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Tease, Playful, Romeo, Dog Juan

Happy: Upbeat, always a smile to share, this dogs happy disposition makes it a prime candidate to receive this name.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Smiley, Cheerful, Lucky

Kisses: This name says it all when describing this dog. When it comes to affection, he’s a giver!
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Smooch, Lickums.

Monday: Considered by many to be the worse day of the week because it’s a back to work day, this idea as a name for your pup will give Mondays, a whole new positive meaning.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Tuesday, Friday.

Overdrive: If you’re a car fan whether it be racing, or collecting or restoring, this name will reflect your love of cars.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Nascar, Petty, Indy, Nitro.

Rowdy: An uncontrollable ball of fur, this creative boy dog name would fit on a large, energetic dog, or a small one. Also can be used as a humorous name twist for a laid back dog.

Nog Reuben Tiki
Nova Roy Tarzan
Nutsy Sedona Udessa
Old Yeller Snuffy Underfoot
Panache Solomon Vaccaro
Pretzel September Vargas
Pebbles Touche Willie
Quasi Tracker Weezer
Repo Trenton Yoga

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