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For The Dog That‘s Too Hip For An Average Name

Need some help naming your dog? We have a long list of cool Labrador retriever names for your pet. In the past, most owners and breeders chose to name Labradors based on some physical or personality trait. If you have recently adopted or purchased a Lab puppy from a breeder, the pooch may already have a name. However, you don't need to keep that name, unless of course you’re sure you really love it. Should you decide to change it to something more cool, be sure to check out our list of Lab names below.

lab pup Should you be the proud owner of a black, chocolate, blonde or yellow Lab puppy or dog, here are some interesting name suggestions that might be a good fit for your wonderful dog. Although it is said that Blondes have more fun, with our names, your black and chocolate pups wouldn't be left out of all this fun. So have a look through our list of cool Lab names and find a name from the list that highlights your beautiful dog to make him or her stand paws above the rest.

Cool Labrador Retriever Name Lists…

Hendrix: Are you a fan of Jimi Hendrix? Catchy and fun to say, Hendrix is definitely cool Labrador Retriever name for a chocolate Lab. This little fellow will never pass up the opportunity to go for a joyride. A cool name for the pooch that never pretends to be something he is not.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Jagger, Elton, Coolio

Jedda: Named after the jet-black gemstone this cool name would work perfectly for your black Lab. This precious girl has an affinity for security and will have a large, bouncy, and enthusiastic attitude towards life.

Kato: Cheerful with a tail-wagging and fun loving nature, this steady-tempered dog is dependable to everyone. She is full of energy and is always romping and jumping with vigor. A cool name for the Lab that often send things flying around the house.

Labano: Doesn't this name sound cool? Well, if you think so too you can give this to your adorable pup. This happy-go-lucky dog will always be seeking your approval. Another cool name for the Lab that loves to play and snuggle.

Nipsy: Loves to chase a ball and lick your hand, this dog will definitely serve you well. This pooch can be a bit shy and reserved at times, but he never acts before he thinks. A cool Labrador Retriever name for the dog that always gets what he wants.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Nipper, Chewy

Nova: For the blonde lab that draws the attention everywhere she goes. Very independent and intelligent this friendly pooch can get pretty emotional at times. A cool name for the lab that enters the room one paw at a time!
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Quasar, Orbit, Pluto, Jupiter

     Angus      Bruin      Coco
     Bear      Bruno      Congo
     Bertha      Bubba      Dakota
     Bigfoot      Butterscotch      Daisy
     Blackie      Cadbury      Darius
     Blackjack      Charlie      Dash
     Blackwell      Chip      Eightball
     Blade      Chocolate      Hershey
     Blondie      Cinder      Kaelin

Even More Cool Lab Names

Piper: Give this cool name to the Lab dog that can be a bit rebellious. Occasionally very stubborn, this pooch is original and unique. Another cool name for the dog that is attractive and eccentric on the inside and out.

Sprague: Meaning high energy, this French name would fit any cool Lab puppy or dog well. Hard working, warm-hearted and strong, Sprague is a solid being that is stable and secure in his ways.

Sailor: This identifier is for the dog that it doesn't take much to make happy. If you can't find him, all you have to do is find the nearest water and he'll be there. A cool name for your water loving friend.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Scuttle, Schooner

Tula: If you love "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" Tula is a wonderful name for your dog. Tula always wants to be with you and will follow you around everywhere you go! A cool name for a dog that likes to be in your face all the time.

Vinnie: Vinnie is a good-natured and trustworthy Lab that is a bit silly at times. He loves it when you give him tummy rubs and behind the ears scratches. Another cool Labrador Retriever name for the dog that will meet you enthusiastically at the door with a wagging tail and kisses every time you come home.

Warren: A cool name for a truly good guy. Very funny and awesome to be around this boy dog is super, lovable and cute. An awesome name for the pooch that survives through the toughest of situations.

     Kahlua      Ninja      Shadow
     Kenya      Queenie      Sunny
     Kona      Raven      Sonny
     Kong      Rocco      Twix
     Magic      Rolo      Voodoo
     Midas      Sable      \Wheatley
     Midnight      Sandy      Wheaton
     Mocha      Saffron      Wyatt
     Nikki      Shady      Wassup

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