Cool Boy Dog Names

Names That Are Hip And Stylish

Out shopping for cool boy dog names for your pet? We know how frustrating it can be looking for unique male dog names, right? And we would like to lighten the load of your search by providing you with some of the best and coolest names for your dog. Whether you have one of those crazy dogs, or a really sweet puppy, you can check out our compilation of names to see if one is there to suit your furry quadruped.

big dog Cool boy dog names can come from anywhere, but the most important thing for you to know when choosing a name is that it should create a strong bond between you and your dog. Remember, anyone can choose one of those regular pet names, but choosing a cool one that fits you both, will create a loving connection with your dog. So get a little crazy, but not too crazy.

Here’s Our Cool Boy Dog Name Lists…

Chief:This dog is the boss of the house and there is no denying that. This pooch knows how to cheer you up when you are feeling blue and to be a friend and companion when you need one. A cool puppy name for the dog that is always in charge.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Commander, Capitan, Warrior

Cochise: The name of the Apache chief who led the revolution against the U.S. cavalry in the southwest, Cochise is a wonderful name for a dog that’s a leader. This boy is a very brave warrior and will always fight for what he believes in. Your brave dog would love this name.

Dante: This identifier is suitable for a very big dog. This boy can be a bit selfish when it comes to his toys, and he is proven to be very jealous, especially when competing for your attention with other pets in the family.

Domino: Is your puppy a black and white one? Does Domino seem to fit? Well, if it does, this might make an interesting cool puppy name. Domino loves to entertain and make others laugh; friends will tell you that he should be a standup comedian. A cute name for the dog that is FUN - yea, that's true.

Fagan: Fagan is an energetic pooch but his energy level depends on the situation and the mood he is in. This boy is not really adventurous and spontaneous - not even a bit. A cool name for the dog that loves to lay around the house or in one corner.

Keegan: Keegan is an amazing and original name for a real and genuine dog. This boy is confident and enthusiastic; then again, he is also outgoing and loses interest quickly. This makes the name a cool one for the dog that is lively - sometimes and gets easily bored.

     Attila      Charming      Goblin
     Axel      Creole      Groucho
     Banjo      Deuce      Gunner
     Buck      Digger      Hoover
     Bruiser      Einstein      Houdini
     Capone      Elmo      Igor
     Casanova      Fisher      Kaiser
     Champ      Gilligan      Kermit

Even More Cool Puppy Names

Kobe: Choose this name for the dog that loves to play ball. This energetic pooch is always up to having some fun or playing any game that involves a ball. A cool name for an energetic pet that dribbles circles around the rest.

Loki: Self-confident and strong Loki is a born leader. He likes to think and act big, which always puts him at the center of any party. A wonderful name for the dog that makes some daring moves because of his courageous attitude.

Murdoch: Patient and wise, this cool boy dog name suits a practical and rigid dog. Handsome in his younger days, this pooch is very humorous and funny. This pooch enjoys a good competition and will hold a grudge if he deems it necessary.

Nestor: This cute boy loves a good challenge and can be extremely impatient and is sometimes selfish. A cool boy dog name for the pup with the short fuse. Your lively, passionate, and sharp witted dog will appreciate this name.

Oberon: The second-largest satellite of Uranus, this identifier would be great for the dog that wants to be an astronaut. This boy dog doesn't like to get into the details of things and can be a bit dreamy and unrealistic. A cool name for your sympathetic and loving pooch.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Orbit, Space Cadet, Pluto, Neptune

Yankee: This cool boy dog name would work perfectly with a dog from up north. This pooch has a very high tolerance of the cold, and he is fun to be around. This boy needs order in his life and likes being in control of everything around the house. A good name for a pup whose owner is a New York Yankee fan.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Steinbrenner, Jeter, Yogi, Babe

     Laredo      Ranger      Skeeter
     Moose      Rebel      Skippy
     Mozart      River      Slim
     Nikita      Rocket      Tiger
     Otto      Roscoe      Trigg
     Panzer      Scrappy      Tonka
     Peppy      Sheriff      Viper
     Quimby      Sigmund      Yoda

Even More Groovy Dog Names

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